MCA School R. Braun

School Headmaster

Welcome to our school website.

I am thrilled to be a part of MCA during this exciting time in history, where our website is online for the first time. I hope it gives you insight into the vision that we have for this school and gives you a glimpse of a community that is fun and healthy.

Our mission is to produce young leaders who will transform society, by providing them with academic excellence and a firm Christian foundation. We will always strive for academic attainment, leadership skills and personal/spiritual development, as well as for a fulfilling education that will last beyond graduation day.

MCA has a dedicated team that works hard to instill a passion for learning in our students and to help make sure that students reach their highest potential. I invite you to dig deeper within this website, to find more information about MCA and have a taste of the great things we do here as a
community, all for God’s glory.

Please feel free to contact the School directly, in the Contact Us Page, with any comments or queries you may have.

R. Braun,

About Us

  • Christ-centered education
  • Student success//Academics
  • Student Life
Madagascar Christian Academy is educating students with a firm foundation in Jesus, to be an influence on society in the future. We teach our students with a biblical worldview, connecting all academic lessons and facts to Christ and viewing life through the lens of God’s word.
We not only teach our students for excellent academic results. Rather, we strive to educate them to be godly men and women who will transform society in the future. The MCA faculty mentors, advises and plays an active role in helping the students to achieve their goals. They are present to facilitate learning for our students. Not only are our students knowledgeable and wise at a young age, they are also risk takers who are willing to participate and engage. About 80% of our students who graduate move outside of Madagascar to continue their studies.
We recognize that our students not only learn inside the four walls of the classroom, but also outside, as they cultivate relationships and plan events. We care about our students’ personal development; their character, their spiritual growth, their relationships, their physical and mental health, and their experience in the MCA community. For this reason, we try our best to provide our students with opportunities to find their inner leader and organize events and activities to help better the MCA community.