Our Program

At MCA, we provide an english speaking curriculum that a blend of both traditional and innovative teaching, to ensure a well rounded school experience. There is a broad array of subjects offered at MCA to ensure quality education for our students and to give them a solid foundation for learning.

We believe that our students will learn the best when they are challenged in a way that will motivate them to learn, and we have a staff that treasures each student. All learning styles are being taught in each subject that we offer so that each of our students will learn in an environment that works for them. The method of learning that we provide is engaging and allows students to participate in critical thinking and grow as they solve different problems.

Most importantly, all of the subjects taught at MCA, are taught with biblical worldview and tied to the Word of God. At school, we provide “devotions,” which is a subject where students have the opportunity to learn the Word of God and practical ways to apply it in their daily lives. Students also attend the assembly every Friday, where we worship together and different teachers speak.

We try our best to instill a love of learning within our students so that they are motivated to come to school. Different events and activities such as sports leagues, baking days, and different contests, are all ways to spark our
students’ creativity. These are also ways they will learn other valuable skills that they need in life such as teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, humility and perseverance.

After School Activities:

Learning does not end with the school day. We offer a variety of after school activities that are opportunities for students to build skill and pursue passion in what they are interested in.

  • Worship Team
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Bible Study
  • Athletics