Braun Braun

Mr. Braun and Mrs. Pri are the owners of Madagascar Christian Academy. Their goal for the school is that each and every student grows both spiritually as well as academically, to later make an impact in the different communities that they are in.

They train the MCA team to be effective Christian leaders who will not only teach but integrate God’s Word into every subject, enabling them to mentor and educate students according to God’s will. Mr. Braun and Mrs. Pri lead with love as they depend on Christ to bless their ministry.

Meet the staff

Mr. Tiana General Supervisor

Mr. Tiana’s job is to supervise students and record their lateness or absence, and this is his third year at MCA. With his heart of service, he is a valued member of the MCA community. He arrives earlier than everyone else and leaves later than everyone else in order to do this job.

Mrs. Nanah Secretary

Mrs. Nanah has worked at MCA for 6 years. Her job as a secretary mostly deals with receiving visitors, relations with parents and tuition. She creates an atmosphere of love and hospitality and she is very easy to work with. She has a laid back personality but works justly for Christ.

Mrs. Tiana Secretary

Mrs. Tiana’s job as a secretary includes providing teachers with what they need. She makes photocopies, types documents up, etc. This being her second year at MCA, Mrs. Tiana states that she works for God and His glory alone, not man.


“I want to show my students the love of Jesus.”

As a teacher at MCA for the 9th year, Mrs. Nadia believes that to teach a nursery class, she needs to know each of her students in detail. Even though they are young, little children are still meant to be taught and educated. She values the partnership between her as a teacher and her students’ parents.

Even though sometimes it is a challenge to be patient with her students, she is always there to care and to comfort them. In her classes there are fun activities for children that not only teach them but also entertain them, such as storytime, games, drawing, etc.


“I love serving my coworkers as well as my students.”

Mrs. Sylvie believes that God has a divine plan in calling her to MCA to serve. In her class, she allows her students to be active and curious, because that’s how they learn best. She realizes that it is essential for her to know each and every one of her student’s needs, so that she can do her best to fulfill them.

Mrs. Sylvie’s strong suit is that she values teamwork and is always an example of God’s peace in the MCA community.

“It’s all about cheering up my students and encouraging them, especially when they make mistakes.”

Teaching has always been Mrs. Elisah’s dream, and now it has been 7 years that she taught at MCA. She views her job at MCA as a service to her God and does her best to give appreciation to her students. Mrs. Elisah believes that Jesus loves her students and wants to save each and every one of them (Matthew 18:14).

In the Pre-K class, Mrs. Elisah makes sure that she pays attention to all different learning styles because she is aware that her students’ rate of concentration is limited. She also loves to be creative in planning her lessons so that her students are eager to learn.


“It’s important to incorporate many activities in my classes, to encourage cooperative learning.”

Ms. Feno makes it a point to prioritize her students and give her best for them to improve both spiritually and academically. She uses patience and perseverance to motivate her students to learn and participate. In the Pre-K class, the students learn best when they move around and do activities outside, acquiring knowledge by performance.

It is important for Ms. Feno to know each of her students, so that she is able to meet each one of their needs. She believes that each of her students has the potential to grow this year.


“Interacting with young children is what I enjoy the most: seeing their progress, their achievements, their development, and their growth at the end of the year.”

Mrs. Ando finds it a privilege to be able to tell her students about God’s love and about receiving Jesus as their Savior. She tries her best to give her the high education that they deserve, and always finds new strategies to help them learn. In her class, she finds new ways to adjust the way she teaches to her students’ personalities and learning styles. The challenges she faces in the classroom are different each year, but the most important for her is to see that her students feel treasured in the classroom.

In the ten years that she has worked at MCA, she has always been a mother figure to her students;
cherishing and caring for them.


“Teaching is about sowing seeds. It’s a pleasure for me to see my students grow and learn.”

Ms. Narindra’s philosophy is to teach to plant God’s unwavering love into her students. In the Kindergarten class, her students learn how to forgive each other, share with each other, and love each other through everything that they do. In addition to these important life lessons, they also use flash cards, magnetic letters, videos, song, etc, to grow academically. This being her 5th year teaching at MCA, Ms. Narindra’s goal is for her students to love coming to school and learning.


“I am calm and patient with my first graders when I teach.”

Ms. Evantine is a peaceful teacher, who teaches her students with gentleness and care. In her devotions classes, she teaches her students life lessons that will be useful for them later on in life.


“As a teacher, I relate to my students by listening to them.”

Ms. Oliva has taught at MCA for 4 years. Her job is a great opportunity for her to not only teach her students, but to be taught by them as well. It is important for her to understand and have empathy for each and everyone of her students. In her 1st Grade class, she incorporates videos, drama, songs, etc…to capture her students’ attention.


“I am called and I am gifted to equip my students to face their future.”

Mrs. Haingo is confident in her job as a second grade teacher, because of the One who has called her. She is a faithful teacher and is loyal to her students in every situation. She delights in seeing her students grow in every aspect of their life (character, academics, spirituality).

Everything that Mrs. Haingo teaches is rooted in God’s Word. In the Grade 2 class, they start off their day with discussion and prayer. Because Mrs. Haingo loves to invent and create, the activities that her students do are engaging and encourage participation.

“Teaching is a huge opportunity for me to equip my students for their future.”

Mrs. Rova works hard to incorporate cooperative learning in her classes so that her students are engaged. Some of the activities the Grade 3 class does are, presentations, watching videos, group work, and even competing games.

Mrs. Rova believes that one of her biggest responsibilities is to teach her students to be witnesses for Jesus. She wants her students to be bold and take responsibility in every situation. Mrs. Rova respects her students and shows them the love that Jesus has for them.


“As a teacher, I am here to care for and comfort my students as well as educate them.”

Even though being a teacher is difficult, Mrs. Lalatiana believes that God has called her. God gave her a job in which she could serve Him and be able to speak about him as well. She believes that her role is to not only to be a teacher, but also a listener, a prayer partner, and a counselor.

Mrs. Lalatiana is a big believer in cooperative learning. From time to time, she takes her students outside so that they can learn in an open area. She encourages discussion so that everyone participates.


“Mathematics is just like life. When you have a problem, just approach it calmly and take it step by step. Later, you will realize that you have conquered it.”

Mrs. Vololona’s goal as a teacher is to show students that math is not as hard as they think it is. She believes that each student has the potential to take the next step and be better than they used to be. As someone who has taught for more than 20 years in diverse environments such as Switzerland (University of Geneva, Fribourg University), she works hard to accommodate each of her students’ learning style.

Mrs. Vololona’s experience has enabled her to be open to the idea that every student learns in a unique way. In her classes, she motivates her students to learn. She encourages teamwork and collaboration, by incorporating different activities in her day to day classes, such as presentations, group work, and rally coaching. These various activities are opportunities for her students to learn in diverse ways.


“I am conscious that whatever I say, my students trust me. I don’t ever want to break that trust.”

Mr. Tantely has taught at MCA for 6 years and is known as a fun teacher who walks alongside his students and relates to them. He is motivated to use everything in his power and all possible means for his students to reach their maximum potential.

In his language classes, Mr. Tantely not only teaches the essentials of grammar and composition or writing skills, but also places importance on trust between him and his students, making sure that his life and his words reflect Christ.


“My students are able to travel anywhere. I teach them so that they don’t feel new wherever they go.”

Mrs. Beby has taught at MCA since January 2013. In her social studies classes, she teaches history starting from Adam and Eve. Her classes are known to be fun story times and bible studies. Another goal that Mrs. Beby has is for her students to understand different countries and where they are located.


“I incorporate faith into my teachings by finding lessons to apply to daily life, together with my students.”

Mrs. Tantely has taught at MCA for 8 years. She values peaceful relationships between her and her students and believes that her students learn best when they can approach her. She teaches because she not only wants to share her knowledge but also wants to disciple her students. In her grammar, spelling and literature classes, she encourages student participation as much as possible.

“What I love most about teaching is seeing the progression and improvement of my students.”

Ms. Sarobidy believes that all students are smart in their own way, they just need a teacher to inspire, motivate and encourage them so they realize who they really are and their potential. Ms. Sarobidy started teaching Middle School English at MCA in 2019. She sees the importance of fostering positive and healthy relationships with her students and loves them for both their strengths and weaknesses.



“I will be delighted if in the future, my students become much better than I am in everything.”

This year is Mrs. Ndako’s 8th year teaching at MCA, and her philosophy is that teaching is not just transmission of knowledge, but educating students to be good people for their surroundings. She works hard to encourage success and instill motivation into her students, telling them that learning is not a duty, but something that they really need for their future.

In her literature classes, Mrs. Ndako wants her students to feel that they are valuable in the eyes of God (Isaia 43:4a “You are precious and honored in my sight”). She believes that when her students know their identity in Christ, they will be ready to face anything.

“It’s such a great opportunity to be free to talk to my students about faith here in Madagascar.”

After teaching for two and a half years in the United States, Mrs. Tracy came to teach at MCA. Mrs. Tracy wants to see each of her students flourish in their educational career. In her classes, she incorporates projects to present to encourage her students’ growth. In today’s world, students have to reach a high standard of skills. They also have to care about their personal development so that they can reach their highest potential. Mrs. Tracy’s goal is to help her students reach those goals so that they are prepared to serve God in our global community.


“I want my students to be motivated to learn.”

Mr. Nambinina was inspired to be a teacher ever since he was in 9th grade. He encourages his students in their everyday challenges by always having a good attitude. He respects the diversity his students have and the different ways that they learn. In his classes, he varies the activities to keep his students interested in what they learn.


“I see myself as not only a teacher, but an educator as well. I am here to bring students up and train them to be ready for the future.”

Mr. Stefana got his first taste of teaching when he was 18 years old and that is when he realized that he enjoys it. He believes that the grandeur of God is portrayed in everything that we learn.

As a math teacher at MCA for 6 years now, Mr. Stefana’s theory about math is that it is learned hrough practice. A variety of activities in his classes are implemented, to help his students participate and collaborate with each other. Mr. Stefana values and respects the individual students in his classes, regardless of their nationality, gender, and intellectual capacities. For this reason, he makes himself available and open to his students so that they can approach him at any time.


“I am here to help and encourage my students to succeed in life altogether, as well as academically and spiritually. I want to help them find what God’s purpose for their life is.”

Mr. Davida believes that God made each and every one of his students for a specific purpose. In the 5 years that he has been at MCA, he has worked hard to guide his students and instill a vision and passion in them, for what Christ wants them to be in the future. He has also aided many students in finding scholarship opportunities all around the world.

In his Life Management course, Mr. Davida teaches students practical life skills (such as financial management, how to manage relationships, etc), that they will need later on in college and in real life. His past and present students refer to him as one of the best!

“My goal is for my students to grow both intellectually and spiritually.”

Mr. Dauphin started teaching Health, Biology and Chemistry at MCA in 2019. With four years of experience, he is convinced that teaching is not about transferring knowledge to students but is rather facilitating their growth. He finds many different ways and methods for his students to grow in their knowledge. His positive attitude is portrayed through his smiley face that is seen everyday on campus.


“I always tell my students to be careful what they say because their language should be worthy before Christ.”

Mr. Randrianarifetra has had a countless amount of experience teaching french (College de France, different malagasy schools). He believes that he is the reflection of everything that he teaches. In his french classes, he incorporates various activities that engage his students, such as acting out plays, presentations, and video.

While teaching, Mr. Randrianarifetra values professionalism and expertise by following the international standard of teaching the french language. As he has always been a humorist, it is easy for him to capture his students’ attention.


“I use my students’ interests to transmit to them, what I want them to learn.”

Mr. Mahery’s goal is for his students to surpass him in knowledge and experience. He believes that joking and being light-hearted with each other creates a sense of friendship between him and his students. It also creates a positive atmosphere in class. Mr. Mahery teaches a variety of practical computer skills that are essential for his students’ future, such as keyboard shortcuts, presentation skills, etc. He also teaches computer programming to his older students, believing that God will use these skills for the students’ benefit.


“Teaching is a mission to me, not just a job.”

Mr. Solofo has taught for 20 years and has experience with many different age groups. He believes that it is his obligation to transmit everything he knows to his students. In his Spanish class, Mr. Solofo allows his students to call him by his first name because he views his class as a family and there should not be any distance between family members. By the time his students are in Grade 12, they should be able to have a decent conversation in Spanish.


“God is an artist. He created us in His image. Because we are created to be like Him, we can be artists too.”

Before teaching at MCA for 8 years now, Ms. Rindra went to Montana for training in worship (arts). She teaches art based on her belief that God values creativity. He is the one who calls us and places the artistic talent in us. Ms. Rindra has always been passionate about art and crafts which is why she
enjoys teaching at MCA. In her art classes, she notices the diversity of her students and incorporates different lessons that sparks creativity in them.


“I am here to train my students to be good stewards of where God has called them to be.”

Ms. Nicole has taught Malagasy at MCA for 9 years and she teaches her students in a disciplined but loving manner. She challenges her students to be curious and to find ways to be better citizens.

In her class, she teaches the history of Madagascar, what the Malagasy culture entails, and what it means to be a Malagasy person. She expects her students to master writing in Malagasy (grammar, spelling) as well as speaking Malagasy.

“Teaching without love is vain.”

Ms. Anjarasoa started teaching leadership to our high schoolers in 2019. She believes that teaching is about building other people up and helping them both intellectually and emotionally to reach their goals. She loves her job because it is a noble one. Her teaching philosophy is borrowed from 1 Corinthians 13:1,2. When Ms. Anjarasoa teaches, she tries to build strong connections with her students, by implementing discussion and engaging activities within her classroom. She also adapts her courses to her students’ real life contexts.