We are thankful for the start of the revival that is happening at MCA. Jesus loves children and desires a personal relationship with them even when they are young. At MCA, we aim to raise young leaders for Christ, who are equipped both academically and spiritually. Since Jesus is our firm foundation, we wish to really start from the basis of what it means to be Christian. We believe that this is the start of a well-rounded education.

This is why we organized an Evangelisation Event on April 5, that took place at school. A group of young evangelists came to visit us and talked to our Grade 5 and Middle School students. They talked individually about their faith, if they have received Christ as Lord and Savior, and what their interaction with God has been like in the past. Our goal for this event was to know where each student stands spiritually so that we can follow up on their spiritual growth as they get older. In addition, we want to provide, to our best ability, for their spiritual needs, and support them in prayer during their experience at MCA.

During this event, we noticed that our students were very open to share their life experiences, and to share the areas of their life they need Jesus in. Students who didn’t know Christ as Lord and Savior were open to hear about His deep, unconditional love for them. Our hearts were very thankful to God for the students who have definitely already grown, through their personal time with God’s Word and the devotion done everyday at school. These students have the desire to know Jesus more and more and to also dedicate their lives to serve him at a young age.

Our prayer is that MCA will be a community that promotes Jesus’ love and reflects his glory. We pray for exemplary students in the communities that God has placed them, in their family and with everyone who interacts with them. We hope that everyone who is a member of our community , whether they are a student or teacher, and upperclassman or a young student, will reflect God’s greatness.