Why MCA?

We not only care about our students’ academics so that they grow intellectually, we care about their education, personal development and their spirituality so that they will later transform society.

Requirements for admissions:

As one of the Christian fundamental values is to make God known to others, children from non-Christian families will be admitted and given the desire to know Christ and have relationship with Him. However, it would be difficult for a child from a non-Christian home to integrate what he/she learns if his/her parents do not support what is taught at school. Therefore, it is of great importance that parents who enroll their child understand and accept the Christian education offered by MCA.


A student is officially registered at MCA when:

  • The annual registration fee is paid in full by the payment deadline (usually the end of March before the school year starts)
  • Parents agree that their child will stay at MCA for the whole school year. If for any reason they decide to withdraw their child in the middle of the school year, they will pay in full the annual tuition fee
  • Parents and child agree with all policies and guidelines mentioned in the Parent & Student Handbook
  • All required documents (birth certificate, residence certificate, vaccination certificate, ID photos, pastor letter reference, previous academic records) are provided

If after a child has already been registered, the school becomes aware of learning difficulties beyond the scope of the school’s educational programs, or if the parents have not been completely honest in the presentation of information at the time of application, the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of enrollment.

The registration fee increases every two years.

Waitlist registration can be done on the school website, on the Contact Us Page. To register your child for the waitlist, fill in “waitlist registration for (full name of your child),” in the Subject section.